How to recognise teething symptoms in babies

It's easy to get distracted by all the gorgeous designs and new colours but how do you recognise teething symptoms in babies and do our teething products really help? The teething stage is a very important part of babies physical development but also their emotional development. How they develop coping mechanisms and learn to comfort themselves. So what's going on... technically speaking babies can begin teething from 3 months to 36 months, each...

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Why have teething products disappeared from Etsy?

They are no longer permitting the sale of handmade teething products or their component parts. The platform where we first launched our little business is planning to remove all teething products with in the next year. This announcement comes following a court case in 2016 where a little one sadly died from an unsafe teething chain. Our industry is distraught at the loss of one of the platforms that for most of us enabled us to even get started. That having been said something needed to change. The teething...

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top tips for teething

Top Tips for Teething

Here is Aubrey and Co top tips for teething, if your baby has been continuously drooling, chewing on objects within his or her reach and has sore gums, they are possibly teething. Babies typically start teething from 3 months and up. They tend to be irritable and hard to settle during this period because of their throbbing gums. To help them ease their discomfort, here are some tips for teething to consider. Give your baby something to nibble onTo help babies ease the pain, give the child something to chew...

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