Colour inspiration for your dummies and dummy clip

I’ve been asked a fair few times recently what dummies work well with which dummy clips. So I’ve spent a little time putting some colour inspiration boards together to help you decided and make a choice before you make your purchase. If you need anymore help contact us via our chat app on the homepage. An Aubrey & Co favourite Mahogany Rose Mahogany Rose a staple colour at Aubrey & Co and one of my all time favourites works well with creams, ivory, linens and croissant.

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BIBS Latex Colour Blush Dummy

How to clean your Italian leather dummy clip

So you have chosen from our beautiful range of luxury hand finished Italian Leather Dummy clips but how do you go about cleaning it? As with any leather product, oil, grease and most pen ink are nearly impossible to remove from leather, but in the event of spillages they should be cleaned up as quickly as possible using a slightly damp cloth or leather cleaner. Keeping your Italian leather dummy clip away from sunlight or direct heat for long periods will ensure that the leather doesn’t...

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Block Daisy Dummy Size 1

Do you need to sterilise Frigg dummies?

The age old question that depending on who you ask you will most likely get a different answer. In a nutshell, yes you do need to sterilise Frigg dummies as they can attract so many germs that it is important that they are sterilised regularly. This gets rid of any mirco-organism that could cause your little one to be unwell.  You should sterilise dummies, bottles and any other equipment at least once a day.  You may need to do this more for your dummies if your little one is prone to...

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Dummy Clip Safety information, the details you might be interested in

A dummy clip is a dummy clip right? Not exactly....our Dummy clip safety information is an important read and here's why... If your little one has a dummy, chances are that at some stage, they have lost at least one by it either being thrown out of the pushchair or it disappears never to be seen again. Getting a dummy clip is a great idea, no more lost dummies, but are they safe? Can you just buy any one in a store or from the internet on a big marketplace or...

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5 reasons why you can use a dummy when breastfeeding

Here are my five reasons why you can use a dummy when breastfeeding your baby. Dummies are wonderful they can soothe your baby in an instant and it shouldn’t be something that you feel guilty about using and they most certainly are not going to ruin breastfeeding for you. Should you feel guilty about giving you’re newborn a dummy? What about nipple confusion, isn’t this the easy option? What if your baby becomes “addicted to their dummy” and doesn’t want you anymore? Isn’t that the lazy option! These were a few of...

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5 reasons your baby needs a dummy clip

Does your little one use a dummy and do you use a dummy clip with it? If not, we highly recommend that you do. This product is a must-have and below are the reasons why. 1.Missing Dummies  Do your babies lose their dummy all of the time? Do they throw them out of their pram constantly and are you forever replacing lost dummies costing you a fortune? Then a dummy clip is an answer to this problem. Simply loop your dummy onto your dummy clip and attach it to your little one’s clothing,...

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Baby Changing Bag Checklist

Here are Aubrey & Co do's and don't for your changing bag checklist. As a mother of three I’ve certainly had experience with packing a changing bag or two. In the early days I forgot a vital item many a time and wished I’d had the heads up as a new mum. So, I thought this guide might be of use to some of the mums out there who are just about to embark on this new life-changing journey. First, I’d like to say that a good changing bag is worth its weight in gold, and it will go everywhere with you for 18 months at least, so take time to...

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The Shop Small Event 7th November 2021

The Shop Small Event is back and we are thrilled to be heading to Ipswich after 2 years.  If you live in Ipswich or the surrounding area then this is an event you won't want to miss! Pop it in your diary now and bring a friend that loves to shop small with you. Nikki, the organiser of @theshopsmallevent and a truly wonderful friend runs three markets a year and Christmas is always my ultimate favourite. She’s a firm believer of supporting other small businesses and runs her own brand @roseandguy. We have...

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muslin comforter

Why your baby needs a Muslin Comforter

Muslin Comforters are here at Aubrey & Co They are a great addition to any new mum's 'must have' items.  Not only are they soft, gorgeous, and calming, they also bring comfort and security to your little one and stimulate your child’s senses. The Muslin Comforter is available in 5 different colours and 2 different designs, and the size makes it an ideal blanket to take with you when you are out and about. It is also great for naptimes. The Mushie Lovey Blankets are made of 100% organic...

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