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How to clean your Italian leather dummy clip

BIBS Latex Colour Blush Dummy

So you have chosen from our beautiful range of luxury hand finished Italian Leather Dummy clips but how do you go about cleaning it?

As with any leather product, oil, grease and most pen ink are nearly impossible to remove from leather, but in the event of spillages they should be cleaned up as quickly as possible using a slightly damp cloth or leather cleaner.

Italian Leather Dummy Clip
Keeping your Italian leather dummy clip away from sunlight or direct heat for long periods will ensure that the leather doesn’t become damaged, faded, dried or cracked.
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Our Italian leather dummy clips are made from beautiful hand cut leather and therefore you may notice some marks or blemishes in the leather.  These give the leather a more natural character.  The leather is also likely to perhaps change colour or get darker in colour over time, again this is a completely natural process of the leather and will just add to the character of the dummy clip.

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