Do you need to sterilise Frigg dummies?

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The age old question that depending on who you ask you will most likely get a different answer.

In a nutshell, yes you do need to sterilise Frigg dummies as they can attract so many germs that it is important that they are sterilised regularly.

This gets rid of any mirco-organism that could cause your little one to be unwell.  You should sterilise dummies, bottles and any other equipment at least once a day.  You may need to do this more for your dummies if your little one is prone to throwing them on the floor. It is a great idea to have more than one dummy on the go at a time, to make sure that you always have one in case one gets lost or dirty.  You should sterilise the dummy before its first use too.


From about 6 months, which is when it is advisable to start to wean your little one onto solid foods, and when they start to move around a bit more, they are a little more resistant to infections and so you may not need to sterilise their dummies as frequently, although it is recommended until your little one is 12 months old.

There are a few ways that you can sterilise Frigg dummies.  You can immerse it in boiling water for around 5 minutes, but make sure that the dummy has cooled down completely and that no air bubbles or water are inside the teat before giving it to your little one. This is a quick and effective way of sterilising your baby’s dummy and should be relatively easy, as even if you are out and about having a coffee with friends or at a Soft Play, you should be able to get your hands on some boiling water from the coffee shop/café.

Another way is steam sterilising which is what I did when my little ones were young.  We had a microwave steriliser and so everything went in there.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and voila! Again, just ensure that the dummies are cool before giving them to your little one and that there is no boiling water trapped inside the teat. Re-useable steriliser bags are also great if you are travelling.

sterilise Frigg dummies

You could also use a cold water steriliser to sterilise Frigg dummies, which involves adding a chemical tablet or liquid solution like Milton into a clean, water-tight container.

An alternatives to sterilising that aren’t recommended are putting equipment through the dishwasher, putting it in your own mouth to clean it or just rinsing things under a tap.
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How often should you change your dummy? Please see our dummy listings for more information about changing your dummy.

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