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5 reasons your baby needs a dummy clip


Does your little one use a dummy and do you use a dummy clip with it? If not, we highly recommend that you do. This product is a must-have and below are the reasons why.

1.Missing Dummies 

Do your babies lose their dummy all of the time? Do they throw them out of their pram constantly and are you forever replacing lost dummies costing you a fortune? Then a dummy clip is an answer to this problem. Simply loop your dummy onto your dummy clip and attach it to your little one’s clothing, pram strap or sling. It’s also easier for your little ones to find their own dummy as it’s attached to them.

Dummy Clip

2. Keeping the Germs at bay 

Not only does a dummy clip keep your little one’s dummy safe, but it also keeps it clean as it’s not continuously falling on the floor. Sterilising dummies along with bottles can be a tedious job, so having your dummy attached to a clip will save you from having to clean the dummy all the time and be safer for your baby knowing it hasn’t been anywhere it shouldn’t! A win win for us as parents !!!

3. Self-Soothing 

Dummy Clips means your little ones have their dummy close to hand so they can self soothe when needed, saving you the job of continuously putting in their mouth when they take it out.


4.We have a top-quality range of Dummy Clips 

Here at Aubrey & Co, we have a huge range of colours and styles to suit everyone in our shop, from leather and macrame through to silicone clips in different sizes and lengths to suit all ages, making us one of the biggest suppliers of clips in the UK. We could not be prouder of our products they have all been tested to BSEN 12586 Dummy Clip standards, and we are very proud to supply the UK with our top-quality products. Each Clip comes with a beautiful branded gift box and safety information as standard, making our products not only great for babies but for gifting to friends and family also.

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5.A Dummy Clip to suit your baby

An Aubrey & Co Clips can be made to suit your preference of dummy, if you require a MAM style dummy clip for our BIBS supreme dummies, the option is available to select an adaptor at checkout. Please note: These will need to be attached permanently to your clip to adhere to British standards. Read our blog on Mam adaptors here for further information on the best way to attach these types of dummies.

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I hope you have found this blog post helpful, if you have any further questions regarding our products then please feel free to contact us via our chatbox on the website or email us directly we are always available to help with any questions relating to dummy clips.

Please shop our latest dummy clips here.

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