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Baby Changing Bag Checklist

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Here are Aubrey & Co do’s and don’t for your changing bag checklist.

As a mother of three I’ve certainly had experience with packing a changing bag or two. In the early days I forgot a vital item many a time and wished I’d had the heads up as a new mum. So, I thought this guide might be of use to some of the mums out there who are just about to embark on this new life-changing journey.

First, I’d like to say that a good changing bag is worth its weight in gold, and it will go everywhere with you for 18 months at least, so take time to choose one that you love but is also practical. They’re not just a handbag – changing bags have lots of extra space, multiple sections, and handy side pockets, that you will most certainly appreciate. I have linked my two favourite at the end of this blog post.

So, how do you know what to pack? Getting this right is tricky for a new parent. You need to be ready for any eventuality but also don’t want to over pack unnecessary items. Some of this will depend on where you plan to go and how long for but below I wanted to share a few essentials you may need.

A portable changing mat is vital as you never know when your little one is going to need a quick nappy change. A good changer will be lightweight, soft and holds several nappies and a packet of wipes. It should also fit nicely into your changing bag or the bottom of your pram.


Extra Nappies

In the early days your little one will need to be changed a lot! So having a few extra spare nappies at the bottom of your bag for emergencies is a must. 

Nappy Bags

Perfumed ones were always a good shout and an essential on our changing bag checklist. Pop dirty nappies into these bags and dispose of them at the first chance, keeping everything clean and bacteria free in your changing bag.

Nappy Cream

Your baby is guaranteed to get a sore bum at some point in his/her first year. It is essential that you carry a good nappy rash cream in your changing bag.

I highly recommend Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment, it’s easy to apply and creates a breathable barrier that helps keep little bottoms happy and protected from the causes of nappy rash.

Baby Wipes

Wet wipes will become your new best friend. You’ll always need them for bottom changes, wiping sticky faces and cleaning up spills. I would highly recommend water wipes as they are the purest of wipes made with just water and fruit extract, biodegradable, vegan and cruelty free so a great choice for new-borns. 

Muslin Squares and Swaddles

My Favourite changing bag checklist item would have to be one of the most handy products we sell our organic muslin swaddles. Swaddling your baby helps them feel safe and secure whilst adjusting to life outside of the womb. Our muslins are not only great for swaddling, but they are also perfect for using as a nursing shield, pram sheet, a sun shield, dribble bib and so much more

Lovey Blanket / Comforter

Most littles will want to have their favourite comforter to hand when out and about. It takes up a small amount of space and is invaluable when they need something to snuggle into.

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Spare Baby Outfit

Having a spare outfit or two in the early days is a definite essential on my changing bag checklist. As your little one is bound to have a few ‘nappy accidents’ at some stage.

Top tip: Avoid pop stud outfits if you can and use a zipper for ease.

Bottle/ Breast Feeding

If you are bottle feeding, then you will need your bottles and formula and if your breast feeding you may need extra breast pads and an extra muslin to hand.

A Dummy 

If your little one is a dummy lover like mine all were, you won’t ever want to be without one and having a spare one is always a good shout in case of loss or it being dropped on the floor when out and about.

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Dummy clip

The perfect edition to a dummy is a clip, to avoid it being thrown out of the pram and getting all dirty we highly recommend this product as it can simply be attached to your little one’s outfit and always be to hand.

Teething Gel

Having a teething baby on a long journey can be uncomfortable for all, so having a small tube of teething gel and a sachet of pain relief is essential and doesn’t take up much space in your changing bag. 

Small toy, rattle or teether 

Sometimes your little one needs their favourite toy or teether to chomp down on and give them some much needed relief or to distract them for a moment and shouldn’t take up too much space in the bag. 

Food, silicone bib and snack cup

A snack cup is a life saver when out for the day and takes up very little room in your changing bag as it folds down to next to nothing. Everyone knows that snacks are life for toddlers and these handy pots are great for little hands. Silicone bibs are also a great item to have packed when out for lunch or at a café as they can then be simply wiped down and stored away in a handy peva bag until later.

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Peva Bag

Keep your products and bags clean whilst protecting the environment. Our PEVA bags are eco-friendly, non-polluting. They are anti-freeze and can be easily washed in warm soapy water. They are completely reusable for on the go. We offer 3 different sizes, and these are great for compartmentalization of all your items in your bag.

Essentials for Mums changing bag checklist

If you’re not carrying a separate bag, make sure to pack your essentials, too! These may include:• Phone• Keys• Bottle of water• Snack / mints

If you pack to light, you may end up missing something like a t-shirt for when your little one is sick on you. But if you over pack you will feel like you’re carrying a suitcase about with you. Pack the items that don’t get used as much at bottom of your bag and the necessities at the top and make use of all the compartments and handy pockets.

Do you have any more, new mum essentials that I may have missed? If so, please do share in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog post on our changing bag checklist essentials and if you have any further questions on our products then please feel free to email us or contact us on our online chat system.

As promised two of my favourite bags I’ve used for years (my eldest is nearly 9) and still do today are the TIBA + MARL Elwood twinning backpack and the Josefina large black, each were great for different occasions and worth every single penny.

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