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Bibs Supreme in Latex

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For our customers who have traditionally bought Bibs Supreme Silicone dummies from us, we have recently been made away that due to supply chain changes in the UK that this shape and style will now only be available in latex.

So what does this mean for my Bibs Supreme dummies?

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Bibs supreme

The shape and style of the dummy hasn’t changed, the flatter orthodontic teat on the supremes remains the same so little ones have the same mouth feel of their favourite dummy. However unlike silicone the latex teats are 100% and require changing every 4-6 weeks for health and hygiene reasons.

What happens if I don’t replace my dummies every 4-6 weeks?

Latex is a natural rubber and through use can become distorted and ‘blow’ this is where the teat expands beyond its design dimensions and is most at risk of cracking and breaking.

BIBS Colour dummy line up remains unchanged and still uses a latex teat.

We are hoping BIBS will continue to review their supply chain and the silicone versions will once again become available in the UK. In the meantime we are replenishing popular colours with the Bibs supreme latex version so your littles can keep their favourite dummies.

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