Freshers Flu…

Let’s start by remembering it’s great the kids are back at school… but dang why are they all so snotty right now, haha.

My two have only just recovered from ‘freshers flu’. We’re all back out in the world doing school drop offs, after school clubs, real food shopping. After 6 months of zero contact and no colds, plus a change in the weather and we have been bombarded by the usual germs and it’s resulted in snot snot snot!

Poor little ones are all bunged up as their older siblings come home from school and share the love, and other than keeping them warm, not a lot we can do about it.

Top tips from me to you…

  • Change of clothes when they get in
  • Vics or Snuffle Rub each morning and evening
  • Hot chocolate for the bigger ones or warm blackcurrant squash is my Willow’s favourite
  • Lots of extra snuggles for bubba and try to remember they will sleep through the night again soon

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