Why have teething products disappeared from Etsy?

Yesterday morning we received a surprise email from Etsy, the platform where we first launched our little business, they are no longer permitting the sale of handmade teething products or their component parts.

This announcement comes following a court case in 2016 where a little one sadly died from an unsafe teething chain. Our industry is distraught at the loss of one of the platforms that for most of us enabled us to even get started. That having been said something needed to change. The teething industry has been inundated in recent years with unsafe and untested products. (See our blog from last year on identifying safe products).

This huge shift from one of the biggest online marketplace in the world will affect us all, but hopefully what will arise is a higher quality of product across the industry and more attention paid to safety.

The 2-minute check if you’re unsure when buying, what to look out for.

  • Properly packaged in a protective bag/box (Required by our industry)
  • Safety & Care Information Included (Required guidance)
  • Certified EN71, CE Marked and/or Conforms to standard… (this must be stated on the product packaging/info)
  • No loose parts (most standards do not allow for any parts to be ‘loose’)
  • Tug Test (your products should withstand a decent tug)

If you are unsure about a product ask to see the certifications from the company your purchasing from, they should be more than happy to assist you.

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