The Truth About Weaning…

What a fun a frustrating time it is. My husband always considered this to be the worst phase, pre-chewed food was not something he could handle. For me I found it fun if a little frustrating at times, mostly because 6-18 month-olds have a friggin mind of their own and no two days are the same.

Monday – I will quickly and cleanly demolish half a banana and a couple of toast soldiers.

Tuesday – ‘Are you trying to poison me’ is the reaction to the toast and the banana is rolled, and mashed in to my hair instead.

Wednesday – ok, the toast points are cool but I’m still not eating fruit today…….

Thursday – I need all the snacks, all day, if I’m not eating I’m crying.

And so it goes on.

NHS advice currently is to begin weaning no sooner than 6 months with soft easily digestible foods. Introducing baby to tastes and textures. Some of us have already decided by this point if we want to try baby-led weaning (allowing little to choose and handle small lumps of food at their own pace) or parent-led weaning (think purees and baby rice).

I took a mixed approach, with baby-led weaning in the comfort of my own home and preparing homemade purees for out and about. (Mostly because my mum baulked every time I gave my 6 month old a whole piece of banana or avocado to play with having grown up in a puree only weaning generation). Whichever approach you choose it’s going to get messy!

To help we’ve developed two new products from years of mum experience,

Our own Silicone Bib is available in 6 glorious colours, with an easy fasten collar, catchy pouch and dishwasher safe. We are also outrageously excited to bring you our snack cup. It’s the product you won’t be able to live without once you realise how easy and clean snack time can be. Fully collapsible silicone only design, opened up in to a mug size pot with an easy access top that little one can reach in to but food can’t fall out! This comes with a handy lid to keep snacks clean and dust free, and ships in a reusable PEVA bag which is perfect to pack away your used cup so your handbag doesn’t end up as grubby as little ones hands!

Keep an eye out for live demos of the new products coming up in the next couple of weeks ahead of our official launch!

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