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Keeping the balance

keeping the balance

It’s been a tricky week, for keeping the balance. I’m grateful for such a full and interesting life but sometimes it can get a bit out of whack. Having used this time to focus on reflection as a business we have lots of cool new projects and ideas, lots of opportunities and love for our work….. on the flipside of this the kids are struggling (read: becoming feral) and the continued uncertainty has me hoovering from must workout and get my diet back on track to ‘sod it I’m only hanging out at home anyway’.

To find an equilibrium I am lucky to have my husband Paul to turn to, who is quick to say ‘just pull your s*%t together and do what makes you happy’. So here I am, Sunday evening after hearing the latest ministerial announcement, kids in bed, I’m doing a little work, with a glass of red and musing on how exciting the next few weeks could be with the right mindset.

keeping the balance
stacking cups

Not everyone’s cup of tea but if you need a smile I really enjoy Romesh Ranganathan’s take on the pressure of homeschooling and keeping the balance while working and battling imminent health anxiety…. just chill out – no one is doing any better or worse than you.

Kelly x

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