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How has our vision changed in light of this crisis?

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So I’ve had a little cry, felt relieved, thrown a tantrum about how to split myself in two to get everything done, and (at least today) have come full circle to see what a great opportunity this is for us at Aubrey & Co and how our vision has changed in light of the crisis.

I’ve worked for Amy for 7 months, helping to develop the business strategy, marketing platforms and writing content. I love it, I love the beautiful thoughtful products she makes and our customers are amazing. Right now we all feel a bit ruffled by what’s happened and for the last week or so staring at the products in the studio or the website screen thinking how can we help. We can’t do anything about the virus, so how can we help?
But we can spend this time creating our vision, developing products people love and that genuinely help their little ones. Producing packaging that is mindful and eco friendly, keeping in touch with our customers and friends in a safe and real way. Understand each other better.

Our vision for now is just slightly different. Create positive change in our space, to develop the business we are proud to be a part of. Bring our customers peace of mind and joy in every product.

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