Man? Mama? MAM Adaptors?

….. Ok what on earth? What are these things, why would you use them? And what are they actually called?

We get asked often about MAM adapters, and sometimes we don’t until a customer realises after their purchase they needed one. If you’re a new parent, buying a gift or simply using a different kind of dummy this time around it can be a little confusing.

MAM Adapters are small, often silicone, loops on the end of your dummy clip specially designed to be used with MAM dummies such as the BIBS Supreme. These are the dummies that have no handle, but instead a round bulb on the mouth shield to attach. The adaptors slide gently over the bulb to hold the dummy in place attached to the clip, but come away under force to prevent tangling. 

To comply with EU safety regulations these MAM adaptors must be permanently attached as park of the clip design so ordering one when you don’t need it can result in a you receiving a product you can’t use. 

If you have a traditional dummy with a handle on the mouth shield, you do not need an adapter as your clip comes with a handy loop to attach to the handle.

So do you need an adapter?

I have a BIBS Supreme or other MAM dummy with a bulb instead of a handle….. Yes make sure you add an adapter to your clip as a standard loop if attached to the side will affect how the dummy sits in your child’s mouth and potentially cause irritation.

My dummies have a small handle on the front…… No, you don’t need an adapter. The dummy loop on any clip should not be longer than 3cm and should be attached to the handle.

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