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Silicone dummies Vs Latex dummies

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Over the years we’ve been asked many times about the differences between Silicone and Latex dummies, what’s better, why should you choose one over the other?

The short answer is, it almost always comes down to personal choice, save in the case of an actual latex allergy. Some parents prefer this look to that look, some babies prefer that teat or this fit. It can be a bit of a minefield! That having been said, having worked with lots of families over the years and used our experience to develop the product offerings at Aubrey & Co, there are a few factors to consider when choosing;

Silicone Vs Latex dummies seems to be the current on-trend discussion for a number of reasons, eco friendly, durability, etc. I love a list so here we go….

Latex is a natural product derived from the rubber tree, it’s flexible, eco friendly and most commonly available. It has a medium shelf life and we recommend replacing every 6 weeks. From a safety perspective you should always check your dummies before each use and replace at the first sign of damage (cracked latex makes a lovely breeding ground for germs). The BIBS Original Dummies boast a retro style plastic holder and a latex teat. Our customers love the style, range of colours and easy handle.

Whilst Silicone is produced from sand, it is not technically a natural product, it goes through a more complex manufacturing process making it is easier to clean and more durable than latex. Silicone products don’t tend to discolour as quickly as latex and come in a wide variety of shapes and styles that are flatter and more ‘orthodontic’. The BIBS Supreme Latex Dummies are 100% Silicone, and have a more modern or contemporary style and have a narrow mouth shield. Remember if you are using one of these dummies you’ll want to opt for a MAM adapter on the clip to connect the dummy.

Both materials are 100% BPA Free which has been a legal requirement since 1999. Whichever you choose remember to sterilise your new dummies, wash them regularly in warm water and ensure you check for damage. Buying the right size dummy for your baby is very easy, most brands have a birth-6 months range, 6-12 month and 12 months +.

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Choose a dummy that is safety tested, has the correct ventilation holes to prevent choking an it helps to give the teat a little tug every now and again to make sure they do not come loose. It’s worth noting that there are also different types of dummy clips to secure different types of dummies. The BIBS supreme latex dummies for example do not have a handle, instead they use a MAM adapter to attach to the clip, check out our safety information for more details.

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