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Keeping Little Ones Warm in Winter


So we thought sharing some tit-bits on keeping little ones warm was all in good timing.The weather forecasters are predicting the temperature in the UK is due to plummet late January giving way to snow etc.

Now I have to start by saying I know there are some very judgey parents out there, sometimes I catch myself doing the same, when someone walks past me in the middle of Winter and their toddler has no coat on but they are wrapped up like Armageddon is coming. So please cut me some slack for saying that how you wrap your little ones up (or don’t) is a personal choice. I for one run pretty warm so can often be seen sporting just a hoody in the middle of January.

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The Golden Rule?

Then there’s the little ones, depending on their age little ones are not quite as good at regulating their body temperatures so keeping them on an even keal can be tough. I find the basic rule of ‘one extra layer’ to work pretty well, and my two girls (now 5 and 7) rarely complain about being too hot or too cold.

If you’re wearing a t-shirt and coat, adding a vest under their outfit or a cardigan under their coat is a pretty common sense approach. For me base layers are the way to go, preventing them from randomly shedding their clothing.

“There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

– Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Be Prepared!

As if your mum bag wasn’t heavy enough, for tiny ones it’s always handy to have; spare gloves, hat and Muslin to hand. In rainy weather opt for a good hooded waterproof jacket or even an all-in-one for toddlers – that umbrella is going to be nothing but trouble. My little ones live in wellies November-March between the wet school runs and treks to the allotment I’m not constantly washing trainers, a quick spray with the hose and upside down to dry wellies are my fav.

Happy hiking through that snow! I for one would take it over this never-ending rain any day.

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