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10 Uses for a Muslin

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The ultimate must have baby product! Here are our top 10 uses for a muslin. There are definitely some luxury items out there (motorised rocker, wipe warmers) but this is an essential! I don’t know a single mum with a newborn who doesn’t have a Muslin constantly tucked in the back of her jeans/over the should or wrapped around the handle of the buggy – here’s why!


My top 10 uses for a Muslin

  1. Cleaning Up Baby Spit – yep the sexiest part of having a baby is being constantly at risk of being covered in sick. Use your muslins to mop up little dribbles or sick tsunamis.
  2. Cover Up Your Modesty – for breastfeeding mums there are tonnes of luxury products for breastfeeding; capes, tents, specialist bras, but nothing compares to a muslin draped over you and baby for convenience and cost.
  3. Keeping Cosy – when it’s not quite blanket weather but you need tucking in good old Muslin is there to help, try not to use the sick soaked one from before.
  4. Sun Shade – who needs adjustable umbrellas that blow away in the wind, super size buggy hoods and strategically positioned handbags. A muslin + a couple of pegs and you have a highly adjustable multi-purpose sunshade (*there’s lots of conflicting research out there about how to shade your buggy so we advise using your common sense and making sure baby can breathe under their shade)
  5. Hat….. – Yep that’s right I’ve tied a Muslin around the kids head when I’ve been unexpectedly caught out in the surprise British sunshine.
  6. Safety net – no not an actual net, but the sort of item that is regularly on hand, easily washable and helps your baby feel soothed and comforted while you dash around like a mad person in the shops.
  7. Emergency Changing Mat – you find yourself caught short and it’s either bare back on the grass or risk laying them down direct on the public toilet changing table, Mussy to the rescue.
  8. Playtime – from peekaboo to playing pirates a Muslin is as much a play toy as there favourite rattle.
  9. Toy Bag – hang on to your little ones toys on the move, tying corner to corner to make a bundle
  10. All -round-cleaning – towel dry bottles, polish wood toys, honestly good for everything. Goes without saying don’t polish the silverware and babies face with the same one!

Check out our original design Muslins to find your new favourite baby product. If you enjoyed our blog on 10 uses for a muslin please add a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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